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Bozeman High School Testimonial PDF Print E-mail

To any person that wants a quality discount card at a great price,


This is a recommendation for Mike Grajek the owner of Smackya.com fund raising. 

I was contacted by Mike in 2008.  He wanted me to buy his card and with the merchants on the back.  I told him that we already do our own card and I have already got all the merchants for the card. He asked if he could make up a card and have me look at it.  It looked great compared to the old card that I was using.  I sent him an action shot of some of our players and he placed it on the front of the card.  The card also had a new design with three key tags on it. Each tag had a hole so you could put it on your key chain.  I gave Mike the lists of merchants that I had contacted and he added a few more on his own to help make the card more impressive. I feel the design with color, picture, schedule and the three key tabs design helped make easier to sell.  Mike gave me a great price and we made good money for our program. I am going to stay with Mike and the Smackya.com Company.


Thanks Mike!


Keep up the good work


Troy Purcell

Head Football Coach

Bozeman High School


Bozeman High School Key Cards
Bozeman High School Discount Card

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